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In flight skincare

Being an international student in London, means I gotta fly home and back every now and then, and with summer being round the corner I thought some flying tips would be useful for my fellow travellers.

If you have read my previous posts, you know by now that I suffer from very dry skin and eczema, and flying doesn’t help it one bit.

Due to the filtered plane air and high altitude and pressure even oily and normal skin types will experience dryness, let alone us dry girls. So here are some of my tips to keep your skin glowing even after long hours of flying.

What you need in your makeup bag

  1. makeup remover
  2. facial cleanser
  3. toner
  4. hydrating facial oils
  5. hydrating serum
  6. heavy duty moisturiser
  7. hydrating eye cream
  8. lip balm
  9. hydrating sheet masks
  10. sleeping masks
  11. UV protection

No makeup rule

Not everyone is comfortable with no makeup on the way to the airport. For instance I always have to use some concealer to cover up my stubborn dark circles. But the moment you are in your seat, take off your makeup completely! You can put some back on right before landing.

The air in the plane is super drying and will make your skin very sensitive and irritated, so it is very important to wipe off all traces of make up, or just go on the plane makeup free.


Sheet masks are very easy to use on the planes, since they are already packed and they don’t require any messing around with.

If you are planning on using a sheet mask, make sure it is a hydrating one! Even if you have oily or acne prone skin, while flying your main concern is dryness.

If the sheet mask says leave it on for 20 minutes, then do just that! Due to the dry air on board, your sheet mask will dry out faster and after it’s lost the moisture it will start absorbing moisture from your skin. So don’t ever fall asleep with a sheet mask on.

If you are not comfortable using a sheet mask on the plane because you feel like you look like Hannibal Lecture…. Then swap it for a hydrating sleeping mask. I use the Pixi sleeping mask and it’s wonderful.

Hydration, Hydration and some more Hydration

If you have ever been on a flight I’m sure that you have experienced your skin being dry and oily at the same time. The reason is, when your skin is deprived from all the moisture, to reverse the effects your skin will start secreting sebum to rehydrate itself. And I think we can all agree that oily skin is not always pleasant.

So after taking your makeup off and cleansing your face and toning, apply a facial oil, hydrating serum and a heavy moisturiser.

Don’t forget a hydrating eye cream and a heavy duty lip balm.

Hydrating facial sprays are useless!

Yes, we all love our Mario Badescu rosewater spray! But don’t waste it on the plane.

Due to the lack of moisture in the air, the air will start absorbing the water you just sprayed on your face and doesn’t let your skin absorb any of the goodness.

Drink your water

And drink lots of it! Hydrate yourself from within, trust me you’ll need it.

My tip is to take an empty water bottle with you, so you can fill it up when you’ve passed security. And on board, instead of asking the flight attendant to bring you a cup of water every 10 minutes just ask them to fill up your bottle.

UV protection

Flying means being even closer to the sun than usual. Some can even get sunburnt!

So if you are flying in the day time don’t forget to use sunscreen.

Obvious and random tips that most people ignore!

Hand sanitisers and sanitising wipes are your best friends! Planes are filled with germs ( Yes, that’s why most of us get a cold right after flying), so wipe off your seat and clean your hands.

Clean hands before you start your skincare. No one wants breakouts!

Compression sucks are your best friend.

Take some hand cream on board. Your hands get dry too!

If you are a nervous flyer, take some lavender essential oil with you. It’ll help calm you down.

Don’t take new skincare on board! Only take what you know works well with your skin.

If you suffer from extreme blocked ears and/or ear pain while flying, get some pressure equalising ear plugs. Not to be dramatic but they’ve saved my life.


Hope you enjoy your summer vacations and have a safe flight.






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