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‘LAGOM’ the art of Swedish living

Not too little, not too much, Just right!


Lagom is a Swedish word, pronounced ‘laaaw-gum’,  meaning just the right amount. Lagom represents the ultimate satisfaction in ones life. Perfection is not what lagom is about, the concept is to find a satisfying equilibrium in our lives to give us the satisfaction of living.

Lagom may mean different things to different individuals, since our needs and satisfactions vary.

Lagom and emotional wellbeing

From a psychological point of view, lagom is about taking care of ourselves and our emotions. Not to hold in the tears, nor the laughter and to find the best spot for us between the outbursts and holding in the feelings. And to come to terms with our emotional needs and wants.

Lagom in the kitchen

To use and eat in moderations. weather you take this as moderation in cooking, eating or seasoning, they all go back to taking care what you put in your body and the least damage to cause to the environment.

Don’t throw food away, freeze it for your next meal or make a stew with the leftovers. Before going grocery shopping, finish what you already have at home.

Use seasoning, oil, carbs and etc, in moderation.

Lagom doesn’t mean restricting yourself! If you fancy cake, eat a slice not half of the cake. As mentioned above it all comes back to the awareness what goes in your body in moderation.

Take advantage of fresh ingredients, and before buying an item think about how it may affect the world. For instance, when buying sugar or coffee, make sure to buy fair trade items, it may only cost a penny or two more. The same thing goes for animal produce. You can take eggs as an example, go for organic or free range eggs over caged. It all comes back to taking steps no matter how small for a better world and a better you.

Always remember, your stomach fills before your eyes do.

Lagom in daily life

Reduce you carbon foot print by ditching the car and cycling to work. Use public transportation or simply walk if the destination is in walking distance.

Put aside a time for yourself to just relax.

Wake up early in the morning to give your self more time for your work or daily chores to reduce the stress you may go through during the day.

Stop procrastinating as much as you can, when it comes to deadlines you will have less to worry about.

Give your self at least three breaks a day, weather it’s having a coffee break with colleagues or relaxing for 15 minutes before you go back to studying.

Exercise at least half an hour a day, weather it’s walking to work or school or going to the gym.

Create achievable goals for yourself and reward your self when you achieve them.

Take a moment and think about what habits do you want to incorporate into your daily lives and try and practice them everyday. ( A new post is on its way about healthy habits to incorporate in your lives, so stay tuned.)

Lagom in your wardrobe

When thinking about the concept of lagom in fashion, most minds go straight to jeans and trainer. However, lagom means be comfortable in what you wear without needing to sacrifice your style. If you are more comfortable wearing heels over flats, wear them. But invest in a comfortable pair rather than having many heels that leave you in pain.

Go for quality over quantity!

Clean  your wardrobe! Do you really need a blouse that you haven’t worn in a year? Or those pair of jeans that are small for you and have been sitting in the corner of your wardrobe for years that you’ve been hoping to fit in them for quiet some time?

When buying new items, first think about how you can style them. Do you have anything to go with that item or will you have to buy more to make it into an outfits? How many different ways can you style them?

Upcycle the clothes you don’t need or give it to a charity shop.

Lagom and beauty

Lagom = anti-extreme

Lagom doesn’t mean no make up!!!

Accentuate you features instead of hiding them underneath layers of makeup. If you have a beautiful  skin that looks good without foundation, then ditch it! Lovely bushy eyebrows? then put down that eyebrow pencil, because to be honest with you in the long run that eyebrow pencil you don’t need but use anyways, will make your eyebrow hairs fall!

Invest in good quality and practical skincare. Get samples of the creams you wanna try and see how your skin would react to it. A good skin care regimen means that you will have a beautiful skin without any makeup.

Go through your make up products at least every six months and check their expiration date. You don’t wanna put expired products on your delicate skin.


Hope you enjoyed this post, and Hope that you can take something away from it.

Lots of love





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