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The danish word hygge [hoo ga], is used for acknowledging the feeling or a time of comfort, warmth and absence of frustration.

I became interested in this concept at the beginning of October last year, and I have been trying to practice it in order to bring mindfulness into my life and home.

If you are interested in this concept, here are some tips for you to try out.

Hygge around the house

  1. Knitted blanket
  2. If you have a fire place, use it!
  3. Lots and lots of candles
  4. Decorate your living room and bedroom with fairy lights
  5. Use flowers and greenery
  6. Soft lighting
  7. Turn your bathroom into a spa by adding candles, fresh scents, plants, etc.
  8. Soft cushions


  1. Warm drinks
  2. soups and stews
  3. Homemade baked good

Hygge for you

  1. Warm knitted jumpers
  2. Cosy sleepers and socks
  3. A nice book to read by the fire or under the blanket
  4. Make time for yourself, at least one night a week to relax by having an at home spa, or do something you enjoy
  5. Spend some time with close friends weather it’s a candle light dinner or playing board games sipping mulled wine
  6. Go into the nature, smell the fresh scent of trees, sit by a roaring fire, walk on the fallen leaves.
  7. Enjoy your favourite film, cuddled into a loved one.
  8. Watch the sunset or the sunrise
  9. Spend an evening or just couple of hours without any electronic devices.
  10. Keep a journal or simply just start writing


Hygge essentials

  1.  Cosy atmosphere
  2. Be present with yourself and people around you
  3. Be thankful
  4. Try and stay away from negativity and drama
  5. Make a comfy and cosy space for yourself and others to enjoy
  6. Relax!!!


Hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you are gonna try any of these, Also let me know if you want me to do a Hygge challenge.

Lots of love



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