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The ultimate winter night pamper routine

As our lives get hectic we start to lose ourselves in our work and forget to take care of ourselves physically and psychologically. Here are some tips to wash the workload off of your body and to relax both mentally and physically.

A day or couple of hours before, start cleaning your bath tub and bathroom counters to prepare a relaxing environment.

prep your bathroom

put a few cinnamon sticks, star anice, cloves and freshly sliced orange in a jar and fill it with boiling water and leave it in the bathroom for an amazingly smelling environment.

Light some unscented candles ( you don’t want to inhale the chemicals and you also don’t want the scent of candle to clash with any other scents you are using), if you have a shower curtain use battery powered candles since the normal candles will be a fire hazard.

Run yourself a nice bath, make sure it’s not too hot! you don’t want to dry out your skin. Use your favourite bath bomb or bubble bath.

prep yourself

Take off your makeup and cleanse your face, use a mild exfoliator and put a nourishing face mask on, taking into consideration what your skin needs. I have a post about what to use for different skin types here .

Exfoliate your body using your favourite body scrub or make your own body scrub:

Coffee body scrub

1 part coconut oil

1 part coffee grounds

1 part brown sugar

Sugar scrub

1 part coconut or olive oil

1 part brown sugar

8-10 drops of your favourite essential oil

You can use the natural scrubs to scrub off the dead skin on your lips too. But don’t use store bought body scrubs on the lips unless they are meant for lips.

Put a deep conditioning hair mask on.

Get into your scrumptious smelling bath and have big glass of cold water, wine or juice next to you for sipping.

enjoy your favourite music or film, or simply take some time to just switch off from the world and focus on yourself.

If you are planning to shave, don’t do it while you’re in the bath! your hair follicles are open due to warm water and there’s higher chance of your follicles getting infected or irritated due to products you’ve used in the bath, causing red spots and ingrown hair.

After the bath

Pat dry your body with a towel and first put on a body oil, then body lotion.

Do your normal skincare routine.

Spray your favourite body spray on, put on your robe, not clothes, to let the products sink into your skin and leave the bathroom smelling like heaven.

Now it’s time to make yourself a nice cup of tea, do your nails or read a book, do things that make you happy.

Before going to bed spray your pillow with a sleeping spray for a relaxing and wonderful sleep.

Lavender sleeping spray

Fill a spray bottle with water and put as little or as many drops of lavender essential oils in. (depending on how strong you want the smell to be).Lavender is known for relaxation and will help you fall sleep faster.

Some tips and tricks

Exfoliate your face before and not after the shower, The steam in the shower softens your skin, causing the facial scrubs to be harsher on your delicate skin and breaking and scratching it.

While taking a bath always have a cold drink next to you even in the winter time. The steam and warmth will dehydrate you and you will feel light headed afterwards.

Enter the bath or shower with nail polish on, don’t take it off before hand, nail polish will act as a protective layer on top of the nails, since your nails will be softer and therefore more likely to break in the shower.

Don’t leave the bathroom without moisturising, the water and products you’ve used will strip your body off it’s natural oils, making your skin dry.

Don’t brush your hair in the shower, as mentioned previously, your hair follicles are open due to the warmth and you will experience more hair fallout.


Lots of Love




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