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A better you in 2018

New years are always filled with resolutions to make yourself a better version of you. I don’t know about you but I don’t always stick to these resolutions. Sometimes it’s because I am asking to much of myself or sometimes it’s just pure procrastination.

Here are some tips to make this year a better year:

1. Review and reflect

Think about 2017 in detail. What do you think you did right or wrong? write it all down. was 2017 a good year for you? If so what made it a good year and if it wasn’t what can you change about that this year?

After you the review comes the fun but difficult part. REFLECT!!

Learn from your mistakes and change this year. For instance, did you struggle to get good grades in school or university? maybe this year you should start the revision earlier or change your revision methods?

Was your last years resolution to lose weight? maybe instead of planning to lose 20 pounds you can make it 10 and start working towards it.

2. Pick resolutions you can stick to

We all do it! Making unachievable resolutions or expect to much from ourselves and we get to the end of the year and realise we haven’t  even achieved one!

This year why not start with something that you can actually get done? Maybe you have been planing to become vegan, but you cannot go through a day without eating meat! This year let your resolution be eating healthy rather than give up something completely.

Or go to the gym twice a week instead of expecting yourself to hit the gym everyday.

This would help with you mental wellness as well, since you are achieving your goals. Therefore, your subconscious is proud and happy.

3. Know yourself 

Think about who are you as a person? what are your values? what do you want your life to be like? what are your expectations from yourself, your relationships your work?

4. prioritise your goals

Reflecting on who you are as a person and what you want from your life, prioritise your goals this year.

Think about your goals, write them down and rate them regarding how important they are to you. ( This should be your first draft )

Get a nice piece of paper and write them down again starting with the most important one and stick that paper to your mirror or somewhere you can see everyday for the rest of the year and try and do one thing (no matter how tiny it is) everyday towards that goal.

5. Let go of hate and regret

It’s a new year, a new beginning. Let go of what you wish you have or haven’t done; It’s in the past and we should focus on now!

If some one has done you wrong or has hurt you in any way, maybe it’s time to forgive them. If you cannot find that forgiveness within you, then maybe that should be another one of your goals for this year. I am aware that someone can hurt you in a way that no matter how hard you try you can’t find it within you to forgive them, in those cases maybe you should erase them from your lives completely.


And last but not least, dedicate some time to yourself, do something that makes you happy, reward yourself after a good deed or after you’ve done something towards your goals.

Lots of Love





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